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chant (third-person singular simple present chantspresent participle chantingsimple past and past participle chanted)

  1. To sing, especially without instruments, and as applied to monophonic and pre-modern music. 
  2. To sing or intone sacred text.
  3. To utter or repeat in a strongly rhythmical manner, especially as a group.The football fans chanted insults at the referee.
  4. (transitivearchaic) To sell horses fraudulently, exaggerating their merits.

sing monophonically without instruments utter or repeat in a strongly rhythmical manner


English Wikipedia has an article on:chant

chant (plural chants)

  1. Type of singing done generally without instruments and harmony.
  2. (music) A short and simple melody, divided into two parts by double bars, to which unmetrical psalms, etc., are sung or recited. It is the most ancient form of choral music.
  3. Twang; manner of speaking; a canting tonequotations ▼
  4. A repetitive song, typically an incantation or part of a ritual.

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